Our story

Our connection with Polruan goes right back to WW2. The village means a lot to us - and this is why..


In 1939, there was a little boy named Gordon.


Gordon lived in London - he had never seen the sea before, and he certainly hadn't been to Cornwall. One day, Gordon had to leave London, and move away without his parents. 


Suddenly he was alone, a very long way from home, without anyone he knew. But the village welcomed Gordon and gave him happy memories, laughter and friends. 


After many years, Gordon went back to London - but by this time Polruan was his home, and he left a piece of his heart behind.


Gordon is our grandfather - and thankfully he made sure, that we all gave a piece of our heart to the village where he grew up.


We love this village - and we can't wait for you to visit. But hold on to your heart - as you may leave a piece behind.